About the novel

The Secret of the Apocalypse is a novel conceived based on the original manuscript written in the early summer of 1988 titled Images from Patmos and now published in this novel as its integral and final part.

In its first part, this historical account takes you through the period of the past two thousand years – from Split to Jerusalem, Patmos, Ephesus, Rome, Carthage and Constantinople, and across Fruška Gora to Salona and the Vatican. In the second book of the novel, the culmination of the plot takes place in Rome and the Vatican in the early 16th century during the Renaissance – the critical and decisive period in the development of science and today’s Western civilisation in general. The third part of the novel represents a reconstruction of the said 1988 manuscript, which embraces the entire idea of discovering the meaning of the Apocalypse and all the secrets that emerged from that old intriguing manuscript of the youngest disciple of Jesus, St. John Zebedee.

Although the novel is titled The Secret of the Apocalypse, this narrative drives you to reveal at least three secrets that, at the time of the novel publication, still persist among the greatest unanswered mysteries of symbolism.